"Мебельный шаблон кондуктор для сверления отверстий "КОНДОР", Россия, Москва"

Furniture the conductor-pattern-adaptation of "CONDOR"

for drilling holes, and assembling the furniture.

Professional tool master furniture maker

"CONDOR – МД232" (duralumin Case, cover black anoks)

"CONDOR – МД424" (duralumin Case, cover black anoks)

"CONDOR – МД616" (duralumin Case, cover black anoks)

"CONDOR – МТ232" (the steel Case chrome-plated)

"CONDOR – МТ424" (the steel Case chrome-plated)

"CONDOR – МТ616" (the steel Case chrome-plated)

(The last three digits in the model name indicate the length of the conductor.)

Russia, Moscow

Jig furniture (pattern, device) for drilling holes "CONDOR" is a mobile welding machine.

The patentee concludes license agreements

on the provision of exclusive and non-exclusive rights

to use the invention for the purposes of introduction into civil circulation by manufacturing products on the basis of this model.

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(Any natural or legal person who uses an invention, utility model or industrial design protected by the patent, is considered the infringer of the patent. Specific types of violations of the rights of a patentee include the unauthorized making, use, export, offer for sale, sale and other introduction into economic turnover.)



Furniture jig (a template tool for drilling holes) "CONDOR", developed, patented and manufactured in the production of high-quality materials on high-precision equipment.

Is a professional tool necessary for craftsmen who are engaged in the manufacture of furniture on individual projects of the customer.

Furniture template jig (fixture) "CONDOR" is designed for drilling holes in the furniture and joinery panels chipboard, MDF, array.

Unlike bulky welding machine you can take with you directly on the object, where they plan to collect furniture. Marking the template "CONDOR" is able to replace an expensive welding machine. Obvious difference, only in price!

Furniture jig "CONDOR", allows you to drill holes exactly perpendicular to, the desired diameter, selecting independently, the desired distance from each other, installing the quick-change sleeve in the holes located in the housing.

Using the template of furniture maker "CONDOR" you are making a perfect match holes in mating parts during Assembly of the furniture body with minimal time, effort and nerves.

Using the jig of the furniture "CONDOR", the quality of your furniture is guaranteed. Tool furniture maker "CONDOR", you can drill holes for the peg (the peg) , the threaded portion Eurovent (confirmat), stock Cam, stock shtorku eccentric couplers and cut the holes under the shelf supports, effortlessly, with total confidence that the holes will be drilled perfectly straight, perpendicular.

In the case of the conductor has the milled grooves, in which are mounted pressure plates. Installing pressure plates in the grooves of the body, you can work not only with chipboard, joiner's shield and MDF, and other materials of any thickness, used in furniture and joinery.

Quick-change sleeve, without thread, made of quality steel and are hardened, to improve wear resistance. Pressure plates are raised and lowered and are independent from each other, which allows to draw detail from sides to limit the side, to move the conductor along the length of the workpiece and the jig base "CONDOR" on the plane.

Pin D=8mm, which is included template "CONDOR", necessary to adjust the "CONDOR", the length of the workpiece with subsequent cutting of the holes.

You drill the holes from the edge, then raise up the end thrust plate, move the jig, inserting the pin in the previously drilled hole and continue to drill holes in the details. Thus, you can sit down "the wood", of any length and holes at the same time, match with perfect accuracy.

If necessary, you can order the bushings, any required internal diameter.

Fixture for drilling holes "CONDOR", allows to cut the holes under the eccentric coupler (bushing D=5 mm included).

Professional furniture conductor "CONDOR", can be used by not only professional, but a novice furniture maker with a set of basic knowledge.

Furniture jig is very useful when making stairs. Whoever collects the stairs and uses the furniture jig "CONDOR" - can seat degrees to the bowstring and riser to the stage, replacing the screws on the dowel.

Having in the Arsenal "Furniture template "CONDOR," You not only save time (which is not unimportant in the performance of ordered you furniture), but also nerves. Buying "CONDOR" You get the opportunity, quickly efficiently and accurately, collect furniture. The time in production, now expensive! Poor quality in the manufacture of furniture is more expensive at times!

The jig to build furniture "CONDOR", designed specifically for small businesses specializing on the Assembly of Cabinet furniture of chipboard, Blockboard and MDF shield array. Fixture – furniture template – the conductor – "CONDOR" repeatedly will reduce the time and significantly improve the quality of collected corpora, and thus less complaints from customers. The tool is versatile, durable, and easy to use.


Jig for drilling holes in furniture panels "CONDOR" is a mobile welding machine. Can be used in manufacturing, engaged in manufacturing of furniture to order, according to designs of customers. Does not require long reconfiguration, in contrast to welding machines.

Jig (a template for drilling holes in furniture parts without additional marking "CONDOR") is equipped with bushings that are hardened and do not have threads. The inner bushing diameter: 5mm; 7mm; 8mm and 10 mm are easily installed in the desired position, depending on the width of the materials used.


Pattern fixture for making any Cabinet furniture "CONDOR"- has, lugs and clamps, which instantly fixed the "CONDOR" based on the detail, without damaging the surface of the workpiece used in the cutting of desired holes, the desired diameter and the desired quantity.


Jig furniture template "CONDOR" for the Assembly of furniture: Furniture template jig fixture for drilling, universal device, mobile prosadochnye, conductor "CONDOR" for the Assembly of furniture and stairs.


A template of a furniture jig for assembling furniture, furniture allows you to collect the shells from materials of any length, width and thickness /chipboard, solid precious wood /wood/ MDF ennobled plastics materials, wood shield, and consolidate the array between the dowels....


You can work with any materials that are used in furniture manufacturing. Furniture template jig for drilling holes "CONDOR", Moscow, Russia /Zelenograd/ equipped with quick-change bushings that do not have threads. The internal diameter hardened bushings allow you to cut holes in the process of manufacturing of furniture to order under the peg /peg/, confirmed /pinch evrovint/ and eccentric (eccentric screed, shelf brackets /drilling holes in rows/ to move the internal shelves inside the height you made the furniture to order, on an individual project of the customer.


Drilling holes of the desired diameter at the desired distance from each other are drilled when you installed CONDOR on the furniture items one by one, and removing part of the pattern "CONDOR" you get a few holes under the core of the beam and the threaded portion of the through bolt and the smooth part of confirmata.


Save time on drilling holes in rows and time in the Assembly of furniture.

Without making special efforts and knowledge, just no extra markup, smooth and exactly perpendicular to you, drill the necessary holes in the right places.


Quickly and efficiently collect furniture. The conductor KONDOR furniture Assembly is a professional tool for furniture Assembly.

If necessary, You can purchase bushings:

D= 5,6,78,10 mm

Pins: 5,6,7, 8,10 mm

(allow to fix the body of the conductor, on the furniture items and move across the length)


Michael Stanley

Moscow, Zelenograd

Tel: +7(929) 503-2065,


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